Well, my French adventures continue with full intensity and variation, and surprises.

I spent the morning trying to translate my horoscope from French Elle, only to discover it is from June. Oh well. Venus must have left Chez Vous long ago. C’est la vie.

I find myself living in a homestay associated with my private school. A lovely Haussmannian building with a large apartment, tapestries, lots of security … and more opportunities to practice my French with my lovely host.

Here is a photo of the walk home from a soirée last night, crossing a road near our place. You might recognize the arch at the end of the road.

My French goes up and down. One week I am motivated to practice and study and I spent many days in the library and made progress to B1.1!

With difficult times come new exciting and unexpected opportunities. The value of friends in a new city cannot be stressed enough.

Now that I’m living my life more independently, let’s say, within a week I’ve seen my 6 friends in Paris who are proving to be completely solid, and reliable, and a huge comfort in a new city in which my language ability is not so great. I am so grateful to my friends here and also hugely grateful to my mum and dad, and my patient friends at home who take my calls at any time of the day or night to talk.

I did a photo shoot with Juliane Berry on Sunday, in the role of a detective solving a crime. Her son Henry was the assistant and it was such a fun morning!! I’ll attach some photos. Undercover spy – maybe this is my calling in life !

The area I’m now living in is quite fancy. Quite different to where I was living.. now I will go to the Parc Monceau and take a walk, and then visit the houses of Dior and so on, because my host runs this group. I’m meeting such interesting people !


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