To learn French, I’m writing a phrase or three each day, about what we have done.

In Guadeloupe the program is, breakfast on the terrace overlooking the sea, driving to les plages de sable blanc avec des cocotiers (white sand beach with coconut trees) and then swimming, and reading our books on the beach, before lunch at the Red Whale!

It does sound like paradise, but in August there are an incredible amount of mosquitoes!

To finish each day, the program entailed returning to the house before the sun set over the sea with an aperitif… en fin d’après midi, nous rentrions à la maison pour prendre l’apéritif devant le coucher de soleil sur la mer, tous les jours!

Nous avons aussi vu un banc de plusieurs centaines de dauphines; ils jouaient tout autour du bateau sur lequel nous avions embarqué.

(We have also seen a pod of over a hundred dolphins a who played with the boat we took).

We also snorkeled and swam with turtles and colorful fish, and coral at the Reserve Costeau on Basse Terre, which was absolutely beautiful!

(Nous avons nagé et plongée avec des tortues, beaucoup des poisson colorés et des coraux dans la réserve costeau à Basse Terre).

It was also really lovely to enjoy the water without the fear of sharks, however I still kept my eye out, just in case….

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