We are on a tropical island in the French West Antilles called Marie-Galante. We flew to Pointe-a-Pitre from Paris with a direct flight of about 10 hours, and then came to this smaller island by boat.

Here are some photos of the beaches in the far north west of the island which are beautiful. White sandy beaches with palm trees, just like a postcard.

The southern part of the island is quite badly affected by seaweed. This is a different kind of seaweed to the Sargasses seaweed I’ve seen elsewhere. This is apparently due to chicken farming in the Amazon… here is a photo of what should be the most beautiful beach on the island:

Our house here in Marie Galante is perched high up on a hill with a private swimming pool overlooking the sea, and on a clear day we can see the next large island nation of Dominique which lies between the two French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. There is a history here of colonial sugar farming, and Marie Galante is called “The Island of 100 Windmills”. We are yet to visit a distillery of the famous Rhum Bielle that comes from the sugar cane.

Here is Dominique island:

The local Creole food is very tasty, and yesterday we found a restaurant called La Bailene Rouge at Saint Louis in the north west of Marie Galante. We both ordered the same Parakeet fish dish, which was absolutely delicious and cooked right in front of us!

À bientôt!


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