Here I am looking pleased, on a rooftop which is inside the Belgrade Fortress in the Stari Grad – old city – where I am staying. The fortress is on the confluence of the River Sava, and the Danube river, in a lovely park called Kalemegdan which I like to run in!

For centuries, the whole population of the city was within the walls of this fortress, the first mention of the city was in the 3rd century BC by the Celtic tribe of Scordisci (thanks Wikipedia). Phew – so much history and fighting on this spot. However now it is a very pleasant place for sitting around with a vodka soda on the roof, bopping to house music, watching the sun set into the rivers.

Before the fortress, my friend took me to a bar on the river front which was also stunning. Belgrade has countless bars and cafes, and restaurants and clubs, and excellent prices. Yesterday when work finished, I walked to a spa near my apartment and had a massage and facial for 2 hours, and then lunch with my friend at our favorite terrace restaurant.



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