As usual, life at Lake Como is like an entertaining comedy of errors and misadventures, involving blind corners, a boiler that just doesn’t work in August, like most of Italy, so no hot showers, beer that goes wrong, and lots of laughs.

We took out a little boat for the day, and I drove it all the way to Como! Unfortunately I went too fast at the request of Luca and bounced too hard for Vanda and it jarred her back which has been a problem for a long time. Feel terrible.

Here are some photos of the sunny day. The day before it was hailing heavily!

After a long day on the boat, we all went back up the hill and Giulia’s sister had arrived from Milan with a generous spread of olives, bread, cheeses and meats. Giulia told me to go and have a shower at her sister’s house so I did, after trying to find her without success. Rita arrived home to find a shower golilocks in her shower! A it awkward but all laughed off! 

Here’s a photo of all of us in the Panda in a rain storm after aperitivo by the lake one night:


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