“Ciao! Buongiorno cara! Tutto bene?” Asks my landlord. I replied in Italian something along the lines of,  all was very well, and yesterday evening I saw my family in Introzzo, where her mother lives (small world). 

I’m back at Lake Como for a few weeks, visiting my cousin while my Aunt is here too! In contrast to London, Dervio is beautiful and warm, but not too hot, and I’m enjoying jogging around the lake, swimming and then napping. Here is where I am based: I’ll work from here for the next two weeks!

I had a hankering for a cup of tea, so tried my luck in a store around from where my Casa is, named “Non Solo Pane”. I confirmed that it sold not only bread, but also coffee, cheese, wine and cured meat. I asked the owner for Tè Nero, and she said “aspetta!” and rummaged around in a dusty bag on the floor (Italians obviously don’t come searching for black tea very much!) and dusted it off, tried to read the English words on the box, and confirmed it was indeed: black tea! 

Now it’s time for a siesta and a cuppa – no kettle as usual so I’ll use a saucepan. I missed Italy!! 😊

Ciao ciao xxx


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