Well, it got off to a slow start, but 2017 looks like it will be another year of wandering!
Now the plan is to be based in London, working in my remote roles and also to do my U.K. conversion study and exams to qualify here to practice law. Somehow, I also want to spend a month or so in Beograd again, and to see more of the Balkans and the East meets West route, which continues to fascinate me.

Here is a hike I did in Norway to look at some glacial deposits from 50,000 BCE.

This is Trolltunga, in the western fjordlands in Norway. It’s about a 10 hour return hike, and is not to be taken lightly! However, sitting on the edge was the most terrifying, and yet, peaceful and liberating experience! (Standing on one leg on Kjeragbolten was just terrifying – not peaceful).

I do not recommend doing this on Kjeragbolten. Just don’t do it. I was silly to jump off and onto a glacially deposited boulder lodged 600m up Lysefjorden. 

This one was about a 2 hour hike, and quite easy. There is about a 7 hour drive from Oslo to do beforehand, and I recommend taking waterproof shoes, chocolate, and a raincoat. I also encountered a band of guys who wanted me to film them playing their instruments whilst balanced on the rock. Nearby, a man BASE jumped off another rock. It’s all sorts of next level crazy in western Norway!

This is Priekestolen. Preachers pulpit. No jumping or balancing here. A man sadly fell off here, and died, only a few days after I sat here. Be careful – no photo is worth the risk.

As you can see, I was not original with the “sitting on the rock” pose, but it’s a safe one.  In theory, if you can sit on a rock close to the ground, without falling off, then the one that is 1000m above a fjord (Trolltunga, for example), should be ok too.

Geez, I need to stop putting my arms in the air!! 

Being a rock monster…

Eat your heart out, Simba.
My friend from Oslo, Ida, works for the national news, so has heard every horror story of people dying doing this hike, so we were careful.

After the walk, we braved the glacial waters of the fjord, and jumped in!!

This is a train that takes hikers to the top of this hill but it was not working when we were there. Let’s just say, my legs are more toned now!!!

Here I am looking like the height of fashion, not.

After the freezing cold fjord swim:

So lucky to have a friend to hike and jump into a fjord with!

Cat I found:


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