Everyone loves a rhyme, right? Well, Lyon has two rivers, the names of which rhyme! The Rhône, and the Saône, which merge here in the city at the Confluence, where there is a modern museum.

Yesterday I spent the day enjoying the sunshine and wandering across bridges of these two rivers, and ate at the institution that is Cafe Bellecour. 

My French is essentially this (and when I leave a shop, I get to say two or three french things at once and feel quite accomplished 😂).

Bonjour. Oui. Je suis seul. Je suis australien. Je m’appelle Josephine. Je ne parle pas français. Je ne comprends pas.

Je suis seul – I am alone, is quite useful for dining. The staff look at me, look behind me, around, and I say: oui, je suis seul. 

Here is Cafe Bellecour. A Lyonnaise institution which will not serve food one minute before 12 (very French), and where well groomed, perfumed guests arrive and greet staff and friends with kisses, and then take up their positions in the sun along the terrace, looking fashionable and effortless at the same time, usually wearing an unspoken uniform of some kind of striped tee shirt, navy trousers, a beige trench, and ballet flats, with a scarf and sunglasses and cigarette, and small dog (optional). No one has yet arrived weilding a baguette, but today might be the day. Yesterday some people arrived and departed in a vintage convertible. It’s like stepping back in time, to pass the afternoon at Cafe Bellecour.

See: striped shirts and trench coats with scarves everywhere.

Je suis seul. Filet mignon. Delicious. I’ll go back there soon to eat again. Somehow the let me in, without said uniform or small dog.

The riverside where people were playing drums, and drinking beer while the sun went down:

In the evening, I took a local bike around the city, and admired the bridges under moonlight:

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