The home of what Aussies love to eat with “Spag..”, Bolognese sauce is in fact, not really called Bolognese sauce, here in Bologna. It is just “carne”, and is saucy and delicious.

Bologna is the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, in northern Italy, about 40 minutes by train from Parma, and 1.5 hours by train from Milano. It’s on the route to Firenze, and there are Frecce fast options too.

Here I am, crossing the road at Piazza di Porta Ravegnana, next to the Two Towers. Lots of fun, running in front of Massi’s camera.

A photographer I admire and have followed for some years, Massimo Rumi, has done some incredible shoots in the Middle East, Africa and Antarctica, Australia and many other places, was also planning on passing through Bologna for a few hours, so we met up for a happy snap session and chat!

Check out his work here:

Hi Massi!

He took these photos too, which were fun 

Unfortunately it was an overcast day, and I was only there for a few hours and only had a brief wander through the old city, but here are some iPhone snaps from my brief wander through. 

Here is a fundraiser outside Basilica San Petronio using balloons, in Piazza Maggiore:

Here you can see Bologna’s two medieval towers. The one on the left is leaning and is called Garisenda, the tall one is Asinelli. They say that all of the powerful families in Bologna were expected to build a tower, for defence purposes. Most have since tumbled or been knocked over. Now only 20 or so towers remain in this medieval city.

Two Towers:

More photos to come!

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