Very fortunate lately, to have been able to take my work on the road, particularly since it is Spring, something I did not grow up with in the Northern Territory.

So, Magnolia trees, Tulips, Daffodils, Wisteria, and blossom trees, are a magical novelty for me. 

Here are some of my favorite sights from Lyon and London, where I’ve been between, the last weeks.

Holland Park, here in Kensington yesterday afternoon, with an old friend from St George’s College – Ash.

Lazy peacock. Sitting around in the sun:

After a gorgeous afternoon in the sun in the park, I ventured into the West End and saw a musical called Kinky Boots with an old friend from Singapore – Gladys!

Here is a Magnolia tree is full bloom, in Lyon near where I work from, and the Passarelle du Collège – a pedestrian bridge that crosses the Rhône river, and within the 1st Arr. there is a small passageway, and from the other side of the river, there is a direct view to the “Eiffel Tower”. There are also fantastic slides which go from street level, to river. 

And here is where I base myself to work whilst in Lyon:

A little cafe called Le Tigre: just here on the left. 
Better get back to work. It’s Thursday already!! So much to get done 🙈🌸, and so much blossom to see!

Here is so blossom from on the way to breakfast in Notting Hill:

The Shard in all her glory, yesterday on the way into the city during the rat race hour:

A lovely blossom tree on Gloucester Road:

Covent Gardens station had lifts out of order, so I braved these 193 steps last night on the way back from the theatre!

And here is some blossom, at la Croix-Rousse. So very happy and grateful to see this sight! 

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