Ryanair had a special, €30 to Porto from Bergamo, so I grabbed it! 

Despite the delay due to fog, it was a smooth journey and with a Z4 trip into Porto city center with the excellent Metro from the airport, I popped up outside Capela das Almas. A blue tiled chapel outside my metro stop: Bolhão.

My host then gave me an ultra detailed map and explainaton of his home city while his cat Manuel begged shamelessly for some of the roasted chestnuts I had picked up outside the station.

After a brief rest, I ventured out into Porto for a look.

First stop was Ponte Luis I.

I caught the funicular up to the top level of the bridge for €2.5 and then walked over the bridge taking in the view:

After a lovely view on Jardim do Morro, I walked back across the bridge to a little restaurant to try some cod fish and green wine before an early bedtime with the cats.

Breakfast, and then more walks around the old center of Porto, stopping at Igreja de Sto Lidefonso church:

 finishing up with some of the national dish: Francesina with white Port by the bridge.

Here is the lovely view from the other side which is actually technically no longer Porto:

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