Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina, surrounded by mountains. The Olympics were held here in 1984, and there was sadly a siege here from 1992 to 1995 which I learnt a lot about this year during my course so it was fascinating to come to Sarajevo.

Sarajevo was established in the 15th century and was a main crossroad for caravans and traders from east, west, north and south. This cross of cultures is evident everywhere in the city center!

I had such great experiences with hostels in the Balkans and would highly recommend it! My Sarajevo hostel was central and right in Baščaršija – which is the cultural and historical center of town.

Here in Baščaršija you can find Mosques, Orthodox Christian Churches and Jewish Synagogues, right next to each other. 

Interestingly, on the Main Street there is a border, in Old town, between two cultures – two empires. The ottoman and the Austro-Hungarian. You can really see the abrupt change in architecture at this point.

I bought a Bosnian coffee pot and a genie lamp for my cousin’s here from this man who won the record for the largest ever coffee pot:

Here is the eternal flame:

I was also lucky enough to be in town for the film festival. Although I missed Robert, I did get to catch some thought provoking films about the war.

Shortly after my arrival I ate something not right, and had terrible food poisoning, so my Sarajevo adventure was cut short.


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