Hello my dear few and loyal readers:

I hope you are well.

I have been suffering from terrible FOMO. Our course started on Monday, so I went from a blissful 3 weeks of nothing to do except hang out with unsuspecting cats and reading international criminal law articles…to non stop socializing with 42 other LL.Mers from 26 different nations! (The course is unbelievably exciting – and the UN campus is incredible).

Friday we had a written exam, and the Friday before that an online test – so it was a lot of study and preparation, but when the exam was over, we were treated to a tour of…the library. Wow. Nothing against the library, but I can say it was the last thing we felt like doing after a heavy week, and then an exam!

Needless to say, it led into a 12 hour crawl of beers, pizza, sambucca, Prosecco, spritz, Moscow mules…and walking from one end of Torino on the cobblestones in my Kare Middleton boots to the other (she can play hockey in them yes, but I cannot walk in them on these Italian streets!) – all in the name of Fun and FOMO!

I slipped away from the group quietly at around 1am (let’s face it – I’m not 26 anymore), and felt very sorry for myself on Saturday morning.

My sleep in plans were foiled. After a re-sleep, I awoke to my phone ringing so I answered it and was immediately required to speak AND hear in Italian! Madonna! !

My landlord Pranzo was saying many things, along the lines of “subito. Confienza. Bisongno!”

I loosely gathered that meant – immediately must go to the Confienza! So I hobbled around finding clothes and started to head to whatever this place was…

I then suddenly moved house while hungover with my lovely landlord Pranzo who even drove me around with my four large suitcases (mostly boots and coats). Very sweet man!

Here’s my view:

My front door:

  My street! 
And it is just around the corner from my favorite market on Madama Cristina – it’s a very cool little neighborhood! 




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