My big cousin Catherine, is someone I grew up hearing about: perfect, beautiful, glamorous, flying around the world performing with her cello – so big that it needed its own airplane seat and ticket!! 

She is 11 years older than me, and I really didn’t get to see her much because she moved to Europe about 22 years ago! But she has been like a big sister in many ways, and we have exchanged emails and phone calls over the years from when I too was cared for by our dear Nan. 

Now Catherine lives in a lovely village by Lake Como, and since 2013 I have been fortunate enough to visit them a few times a year. They really are my home in Italy.

She and her partner often go on tour for various Operas, and this year it has been Norma. 

So I was invited to come and join them in their house in Bastille during their two weeks working in Paris!

We enjoyed some beautiful clear days, and sunshine, and I even got to go to their rehearsal and watch backstage.

When I left the theatre, the Eiffel Tower happened to be sparkling, and was in fact sparkling as I flew past too:

There was a lovely green walkway near the apartment which was fantastic for Luca to run in. Promenade Plantée, and the house was a converted loft, so there was plenty of room for all of us!

Then, I caught up with someone who is now a friend. A lovely photographer who is based in Paris who once upon a time took a honeymoon photo… 

Some lovely walks around central Paris with Juliane and Julien:

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