Seeing as I blindly typed “Montenegro” into skyscanner one day, when making a vague plan for my summer holidays, and picked the airport with the cheapest flights to and from Milan: I was flying back from Podgorica despite having spent the previous three weeks in Belgrade.

So, I decided to make the most of the re-visit to Montenegro, with a day trip to Tara Canyon: the second largest canyon in the world. The largest being the Grand Canyon.

No tours were available, and the train and bus schedules were with lengthy gaps, and it was still quite expensive that way. So instead I asked the airport taxi company to spare me a driver for the day, to take me to the Canyon.

Radoslav arrived, and cheerfully listened to my horrible mix of Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, and drove to the north of Montenegro:

Zabjiak and Tara Canyon and bridge:

Canyon Moraca:

My driver, Radoslav.

National park Beogradsko Lake.


Caffano Konoba Lomni Do by Vojo Grbovic:

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