For a long time, I have heard about Belgrade. How it is the new Berlin. Where everything old is new again, and you can eat delicious things in new and exciting bars, cafes and restaurants every day, for low prices.

I arrived by bus, so this photo is misleading. For some reason the photos uploaded in reverse order.

I rented an apartment from a girl called Mili. She met me out the front of her place, and as we chatted about typical introductory Airbnb things, we also planned to meet at the Baijloni bar nearby for breakfast the next day.

This bar served eggs and bacon for 400 dinar – €3.20!!


After meeting another Airbnb guest, Colin, the three of us set off for a walk to Mikhailova street: the pedestrianised area of Belgrade for shopping and restaurants.

Colin and I did some jumping photos at Manufaktura, a typical Serbian restaurant with famous red umbrellas, and then I had my face printed on some Serbian money: as one does the first day in a new country. 

I spent most of my days simply enjoying Belgrade with Mili, eating in various cafes chatting; and at night I was lucky enough to be taken out by my friend’s little sister Aleksandra who is a violinist! Her sister is Tijana, who I met in Lake Como last year when I picked her up from the station in the Panda and then drove back to my cousin’s house via a huge Stag!


Here are photos of my Airbnb buddies, the fortress, the Sava church, and other fun snaps in Belgrade.

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