It’s been over two weeks now, of working in the university as a research associate, living in the city center. 

It’s midday and the bells are tolling, as I sit in my office with three of my available computer options not connecting to the Internet for various reasons. I suppose work woes are the same, wherever you are.

I ride my bike, recently rescued from Turin, to the university which is about 500 meters from our apartment. Sometimes I take a coffee on the way, from either the place on the corner of our street, or from Cafe Tribunale which is beside the courthouse. Here too, an acceptable reason to leave the office for a break is for coffee! 

This seems to be a very bike friendly city – with people of all ages using a bicycle to get around, whilst perfectly dressed in a suit, or with high heels and coiffed hair, sometimes with a cute dog in the front basket. It really is like being in the set of a movie about la dolce vita! Pretty streets, lined with pretty stores, with pretty people sailing along on pretty bicycles. 

This weekend I might go on the train to nearby Bologna or Modena. The last two weekends I went away though, to Turin and Lake Como, so it might be also nice to have a weekend in Parma. 

Here are some pictures of this pretty idyllic spot.

I’ve also joined the gym which is 350 from my apartment, to counter all the delicious Tortelli I am eating every day.

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