My second stop on my diy tour of Montenegro has been the walled fortress town of Kotor. 

Entry is via two gates, and I entered through the gate which is after crossing a bridge over a moat. This city has excellent protection!

My hostel was right in the very center, and this is a music festival week, so there are excellent musicians playing live music in all the public spaces and restaurants. 

The things I saw in my three days here were:

1. Prevast. A beautiful little town, also on Kotor bay, apparently also a pit stop in the days when this bay was used in Venetian times. 
2. The Fortress: you can climb up the walls from inside the city which is very cool, and it’s a stiff hike directly up the mountain for 45 minutes. My legs are still recovering but it was a gorgeous view.

3. The Cat Museum. Like Venice, this port city has plenty of resident cats who are pretty cute! The museum was actually excellent, and an impressive display of cat paraphernalia from all the eras of time. 

4. Swimming in the bay at sunset. They say that Kotor bay is Europe’s most southern fjord. It does resemble a fjord, but it’s actually a river canyon. I can see what they mean though.

I would like to return, to see Herzeg Novi, another Bay city, and also to go on the Montenegro North tour, to Durmitor and to Tara Canyon. Maybe I’ll come back in a few weeks.

Now: Mostar in Bosnia.  I heard the bus is 9 hours and through Croatia, and €38. The transfer is €30 and 4 hours so that’s what I’m doing!


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