This week has been a little more busy than most weeks. This past two months has been incredible actually. Since the end of May: NYC, Rome, Barcelona, Milan, Lake Como, Cinque Terre, Venice, Verona, Provence, and now: Sardinia.

As a result I am very tired and look a lot worse for wear, but I’m trying to make the most of this opportunity to see a lot of beautiful places while I am without a single commitment in my life.

Yesterday I drove back through the alps from France, with a spare tyre on the car, hoping to make it. 

 Quick 4 hour rest, and I packed up my entire room into a suitcase, packed for Sardinia, and again set out the door on an adventure! Sardinia with 4 friends from the LL.M. Turin has been so humid and hot, so I feel lucky to have spent most days away!

Or flight was uncomplicated and fast – and I slept the whole time while listening to El Taxi, on repeat. I woke up as we taxied on the runway and apparently missed the impressive line up of private jets.

We phoned a local taxi who took us to our accommodation for €5 each – as opposed to the airport taxis who wanted to charge €40, and then we had a little explore of Olbia despite it being midnight.

Today we drove in our campervan north, to Golfo Arancia – on Costa Smeralda. Stunning.

Ciao for now 

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