So here we are, 6.5 months after arriving in Torino, sitting on a pavement, outside a Te Mango bar, sharing half a Te Mango each (it tastes like you would think Nail Polish Remover would taste).Each taking a turn to say a few words of goodbye to the group. 

Every day is filled with goodbyes and it is horrible. This period of time has been intense. Each day together, and each night together too. No other time in my life have I spent such an amount of time with a group of people like this. The combined factors of living in a new country, participating in a prestigious competitive course, with the most incredible colleagues from 26 different nations, working day and night on international criminal matters, together! Then – classes over – thesis writing for a month, and suddenly, it is all over and many of us fly back to our 26 far away nations. Perhaps never to see each other again, and definitely never to see each other again in this way. All together. 
Very sad days!!

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