Tonight was the night after the thesis defence. 

After 6 months together in Torino, as many of us as could get together tonight did. It had been a few weeks since we had seen each other, because of our thesis writing hermitude, so the reunion was beautiful. We have all become like family. The goodbyes have begun in earnest though, and it’s sad. Each time is literally the last time we may see this excellent person from Uganda, Kosovo, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Iraq, Palestine, Japan, other side of Australia etc etc etc. All 43 of my colleagues are amazing. Amazing. 

I was hungry when I arrived, and the waitress came so I started ordering what I wanted – in Italian – and everyone afterwards went – wow!! Somebody has improved!!! 😄

Still a long, long way to go though.

Shall try to enjoy every last moment with these LL.M colleagues – until graduation next Friday.

Here’s my thesis defence notes – on the back of the Bardotto cocktail menu. Where I studied most days for 6 whole months.

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