Today was filled with moments in which I was convinced the universe was playing a joke on me.

It started off reasonably ok, with waking up at 7, checking my phone and reading my moot group’s messages from the night while I was asleep about war crimes charges depending on whether the chamber decided it was international armed conflict or non international armed conflict. 
Then, I read an article on the latest decision out of the court which I will not mention so that it does not come up in google searches leading to this blog..and spent some time messaging my colleague about how that affected our accused’s criminal responsibility.

Then, I realized my appointment at the Questura for my Permesso di Soggiormo was at 8:30 not 9:30!!! So at 8:08 leapt out of bed and put on contacts and makeup and clothes (in that order) and flew out the door with a file containing all my documents. Praying for it all to be there. 
I called a taxi and silently thought – wow – look at me calling a taxi in Italian at ridiculously early oclock! Then grabbed a coffee from Gianni on my corner and he even put sprinkles on the top! I then saw my taxi pulling up so I asked Gianni if I could have my coffee to go, and my taxi driver took me to Questura!
At the moment we are all working around the clock on our moot court pre tried chamber decisions re the confirmation of charges (like an Aus committal hearing). 50 pages. War crimes. Quite heavy. Anyway, once I arrived at Questira I asked Aroosha if she had the Rome Statute. What a ridiculous situation! Then I looked around at who I was with. 6 people from African nations, one Iranian decent person from Canada, one from Korea born in Saudi, most recently living in NZ, a girl from Kosovo, two Indian girls, me… 
After having all my fingers printed, and an awful photo recorded, I left with my buddy K and we walked to our other buddy H’s house to pow pow and debrief. Such a stressful week. I peeled off to get olives, cheese, bread and strawberries at the nearby Porto Palazzo markets which are open every day, and couldn’t stop crying – just sheer exhaustion. Then a lady started asking me questions about the olives – in French. So much disaster, followed by a lovely lunch with the girls at Holly’s. I’m so grateful for my Torino tribe. 


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