“No, I’m going to bed at 7pm, so I’ll just come for a quick bite and then go home”. 
That’s what I said to Holly on Friday afternoon when she invited me to join her for Mexican with her friend Denise.
4 tequila shots and many margueritas later – I was riding my bike home at 2:30am, dreading getting up at 7am to get the train to Genoa for a last minute trip with three classmates for the Easter break.
I must say, Italian trains are excellent. My head was not feeling so excellent, but luckily I had packed the night before, and live 3 minutes from Porta Nuova, so ran out and arrived to meet Karla, Kirstyn and Kate in various stages of ready, at platform 5. 
Karla and Kate ran onto the train which was imminently departing, while Kirstyn and I waited for the agonizingly slowly prepared coffees and pelted onto the train too (subsequently) spilling my coffee on my seat.
Arriving at Genoa was a bit of a daze, but between the four of us we found our Airbnb accommodation.
Every single moment from entering the door of the place was hilarious:
Ailia opened the door for us but was immediately shushing us, and then shooed us into our (alarmingly small with only 2 visible beds) room.
Then – the welcome package commenced! “I would like to make a photo of you girls! With my…………”
Any guesses what she said next??? In that split second I thought : hmmm – daughter, violin, art…


We all looked at each other in shock/hilarity and started crying with laughter when she left saying she would be back with three rabbits.
We dutifully sat in a row each holding a Rabbit, except for Kirstyn who refused to participate, and Ailia took several photos while her cat Beethoven climbed the wall behind us. A truly bizarre half hour.

After a detailed talk about her husband’s work in Russia, we were released and headed to the closest beach where we remained until it closed at 4. 

Aimless wandering around Genoa, taking full advantage of the aperitivo and then a stroll down the UNESCO street, followed by a relatively early night.

We had planned to go to Portofino, but when we arrived at the boat, the captain announced – no Portofino today because of rain. The girls were all equally as non fussed as me, and we took a look at the map and instead headed for Sanremo – because we had heard of it in class – being the center for international humanitarian law.

Unfortunately we ended up on the train without tickets. Nerve wrecking!! Every time the door opened we would jump uneasily, and when th conductor walked past someone loudly said “uh oh” which made Kirstyn suggest we don’t say that…good idea. He eventually did jog slap us with huge fines, after some fast negotiating by the girls in French. And then – Sanremo arrived!

Our place was located right in the center with windows opening onto the street!
We strolled, saw huge yachts, had three sessions of aperitivo, and laughed about our adventures. 

Tomorrow – I’m back to Torino for Pasquetta with new friends, and then to London the next day! 

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