My third time in Paris. This time by myself. Solo. Seul. 

I was invited to come here by a photographer I greatly admire, so here I am! More about this bizarre, fun day in another post!

From touch down, my Paris time has been magnifique!

My seat mate in Aisle 6 on Air France advised he was on his way back home to Paris after a week in Torino for Herme. Then he suggested I take a motorcycle to the city as opposed to the dreary metro or Taxi Parisiene. So, moments after walking out of the terminal, I was being strapped onto a motorbike!


 Complete with disco music ( starting strong with “Upside Down”) we zoomed, weaved and practically flew from CDG to the heart of the city! 20 minutes as opposed to an hour! 

My Airbnb house was ironically above an Italian restaurant, run by an Egyptian family who fed and watered me, before I turned in for an early night prior to the makeup artist arriving at 4:30am !

 The difference in language, culture, food and temperature really struck me. However, by the end of my visit I was able to say please and thank you, and not smile too much (apparently arbitrary smiling is a no no in Paris).

My friend who lives in Paris took me out to Grand Couer in Le Marais, and then to an underground 1920s dancing bar! It was like going back in time, with swing dancing, and Geishas, and a live band.

The next day, I woke up early and braved the cold, walking along the river:

And then I met Rhonda and Julien for brunch at Le Fumoir!

Followed by ridiculous amount of fun:

 ❤️ until next time, Paris!

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