I hope I remember a few of the funny and ridiculous moments of this experience. 

Here’s a few of my classmates at the military palace:

  Falling snow! 
Here are a few memory jogging notes:

– waking up to falling snow and being so excited that I pulled off the handle on my window and then leant out of the window in th V freezing cold with not enough clothes!

– the moment I felt snow falling on my face! Stepping out into the middle of the street looking up at the sky smiling!

– getting the Facebook punch in the face of 4 years ago today, I had my hen party. How life has changed.

– negotiating the handover of the Genocide book from my classmate, and the ensuing discussion on intent to destroy and defining a group with my classmate in the Internet cafe. 

– how my rent payment happens – my landlord Nando appears at my door and kisses me on both cheeks and is delightful! Ci vediamo! Such a cheerful transaction.

– my market shopping – €8 and I am done for groceries for the entire week.

– I’ve started saying “i need to take a coffee”. I had 3 today, to turn my mind to the 1972 Burundi Killings.

– party tonight at Svenja’s. I must get a present!

– trying to buy a bra from the street market…

– my job this morning is to find a tiara for this Saturday’s shoot in Paris!

– I also need to find a red umbrella for the follow up photo from 2012…

– four years ago today I was GETTING MARRIED. Phew. Looking back it was such a stressful, loveless day. Today four years on, I am slowly waking up in my tiny old attic and I just got invited to a wedding of a classmate in India in November: she got engaged last night. 

– another funny memory is yesterday in class, feeling absolutely exhausted and over it, in a break in our master class room where we spend all our time, having a conversation with my desk buddy about Buenos Aires and sausage houses there; and her travels in Asia – meanwhile megotiating the tricky class dynamics that have inevitably developed as a result of 43 people sitting in one room together for now 2 months straight. It’s a social experiment in and of itself!

– now up to get to school early to try to get my head around the criminal responsibility of two fictional characters for our moot court, since I’m leaving for Paris tomorrow!

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