Siracusa – a 2700 year old city founded in Ancient Greek times, is the birthplace of Archimedes, on the South Eastern corner of Sicily. Here you can find Greek culture, architecture, amphitheaters and ruins; as well as delicious seafood restaurants, boutiques, and cats lounging in the sun as the tunes of an accordion washes over a truly relaxed island.

It was apparently one of the major powers of the Mediterannean world and rivaled Athens in size in the 5th century.

Today Siracusa is a beautiful historical city to visit with lovely cobbled streets running down to the ocean, with a view of Mount Etna! 

Being by the sea and in the south of Italy, here I found beautiful warm weather, ocean fresh air, and sunshine. It was exactly what I needed.

Who didn’t grow up (in Australia) learning “Italy kicked Sicily into the Mediterranean Sea”?! 

A very convenient bus ride from Porta Nuova near my house to Turin Airport; and then a 2 hour flight to Catania, followed by a 1 hour train ride to Siracusa – Syracuse.

The view from my room:

I checked into the Royal Maniace Hotel on Ortigia – the little island at the tip of ‘modern’ Siracusa which was founded in Ancient Greek times and seems to be an excellent vantage point for during times of war – being an island with steep walls.

Sadly, Archimedes, a brilliant engineer and mathematician died during a battle in a truly senseless way. As he died, he apparently asked that no one mess with his circles. 

 I think we are in week 5 of the Master. It’s been a whirlwind of being blasted with highly useful information from the best in the world at what they do; several “un caffe per favore” (we luckily have numerous coffee breaks a day); shared meals with my varied and inspiring classmates; and biking to and from San Salvario along the river in Parco del Valentino.

Here is the Duomo which is on Ortigia.  
A street near my hotel as I arrived on Friday night. 

  This is Diana. The Goddess of Hunting, Childbirth and generally everyone’s favorite lady in Siracusa. She was prayed to by women wanting an easy childbirth, and was very good with animals so was prayed to by hunting people; but she was also most desired by men who made statues like these in her honour. She vowed never to marry and was remembered as being unattainable. I like you Diana! Ciao!  
A cat in the empty Piazza beside the Duomo.

  Duomo at night – the good thing about visiting Siracusa in winter is how quiet it is!  

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