It’s been over 6 months now, away from home. Now this is home – and will continue to be so until August – so I had better get used to it! 


 The reality that it is no longer a carefree holiday has been tapping me on the shoulder for some time – with assignments and full time classes – but the real moment of realization of reality (real X 3) struck yesterday.

I had stayed after class last night as the defence lawyers for our fictional Nigerian minister on charges of money laundering and a yet to be disclosed predicate offence.

Then, I rode home with my two team mates Erin and Kate, and luckily made it back to San Salvario in time to go to the grocery store to buy bottled water, toiletries and toilet paper. Finally! I’m able to purchase hair conditioner! Then, I carried it up the 5 flights of stairs to my attic in my 18th century apartment building to knuckle down and write the closing address. 

Definitely not a holiday anymore!

But – where should I go for Easter? Back to Sicily? Portugal, Spain? I’m thinking somewhere warm. Croatia? Australians love Croatia but after visiting Prague, the Czech seem to view it the way Perth people view Bali! I guess it’s all relative. 

I would like to go to Egypt, but I feel this is not the safest time.

Enough dreaming! Time to get back to reality…

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