After the Friday night post exam party, we had a Saturday night – welcome party – so on Sunday I was seriously ready for some fresh air.
I just love how in Italy, there’s always something to eat, drink and a train can take you to the sea, or the mountains ! 

On a side note:

My Italian is slowly improving…my vocabulary is food based. Essentially my sentences are – and I am pretty sure they are all pretty appalling Italian:
Posso prendere un cafe per favore? Normale? Grazie mille.

Ciao! Como stai? Anke io. Grazie!

Vorrei questo (pointing – gesturing is 95% of my language for survival – it’s not pretty but I’m still here – so…).

Quale aranchia piu dolce? Per mangiare? 

Posso prendere una bicciera de acqua frizzante? Grazie!

Dove posso comprare ….
Etc etc. Nothing ground breaking!

Anyway, I felt like running away from the city (and any sign of alcohol), so jumped on the first train to the closest ski resort: Bardonecchia!

Upon arrival, it struck me that (a) I was the only person not in snow clothes; (b) I did not know the first thing about Bardonecchia!


A little stroll around the town was pleasant anyway, and a bit of a recon mission for future visits to Bardonecchia for some ski lessons this weekend after it snows. 


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