I must say, Italians really are friendly and kind. 

After completing my test today, I walked down to the outdoor fresh produce market on Via Madama Christina in San Salvario village. I am loving this neighborhood!

On my way, I crossed paths with the very same gentleman who helped me put my bike chain back on! The barber who has the barber shop under my apartment. He asked (in Italian) where my bicycle was? I answered (in bad Italian) that it was back at home, and then he proceeded to correct my Italian until I could say it right! Finishing our impromptu street lesson with Brava!!! Before walking away cheerfully.

At the market my eyes drank in all of the colour of fresh oranges from Sicily, little strawberries (fragolina!), fresh fish, freshly grown Piedmontese vegetables, and then started the arduous process of requesting each item verbally – because that’s the way it is done here! It’s public Italian class every time I go shopping!

I successfully purchased spinach, broccoli, onions, etc etc etc and even asked the butcher to wait – as I mid order preferred something else! All in Italian!! Not fancy but it worked.

Small, tiny victories, but they made me extremely happy! 

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