1. It’s like getting a pair of wings!   
The feeling of being able to hop onto your bike and sail through the human traffic in a busy Piazza or park is the most wonderful sensation that never fails to bring a smile to my face! 
2. Sometimes the chain falls off.

Greasy chain. So, invest in a screwdriver and a pair of washing up gloves so that you can reattach the chain in a classy way. 
Usually, a man will appear and do it for you if you pfaff around for a few moments. Very helpful!! No, but it’s worth learning what to do when this annoyance occurs.
(Here is my bike with chain re mounted).
3. Opening doors with a bike requires another level of coordination.

Here’s my bike in front of an ancient door. I might get a doorstop. Just a thought. 👀
4. A lock and key – and a place to store bike!
While having a bike aka wings is fabulous, locking it up at various stops is a drag. I need to work on this. 
Here it is parked outside Tiger:

 5. Riding on Cobblestones is – bumpy.
It all looks very romantic, but in reality it’s a bumpy old ride!! Anyway, my new house is only 2 blocks from the bike path to Uni, so I’ll try to walk it to the path. 
Perhaps I’ll have to do a separate post on how to cross an Italian road…

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