Today was a day of many struggles.

I woke up at 5am to call the ATO to ask how I can give them more of my money, and then did a few hours of my assignment, then fell asleep.

My phone ringing woke me up and I was jolted awake by having to muster up some Italian to converse with a potential house agent! Ahhh. 

Somehow I agreed to meet Fabrizzio in 20 minutes at an address I was not quite sure about, on the other side of town. I rushed into the bathroom trying to become less frightening to look at (having employed some anti face drying techniques throughout the night such as humidifying the room, and slathering my face with two types of oil and then a layer of pawpaw ointment – not pretty).

My feet have blisters from 8 days of hiking around town lining up at various Post Offices for my residency card (another story), but I eventually found Fabrizzio and Carlotta woo were actually amazing – offering a service in which they locate apartments and then call the private renters – for a fee! I gladly paid the fee. This company is called Casa Veloce. They are also next door to a delightful cat cafe!! My day improved immediately after a coffee and cuddle with these monsters.

Today I have two appointments to see two two bedroom houses in the center – fingers crossed!!!


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