I made it to London on Saturday morning, after a less than fun 12 hour journey on the budget “megabus” from Scotland. (Due to my disorganization my options were a £150 train or a £15 bus. I splurged and got the £25 bus thinking it was an opportunity to sleep…).

I thought the sleeper bus might be likd the Vietnam Hanoi to SaPa 13 hour bus to the rice fields with nice beds, but no – it was a full bus with upright seats, and some rowdy passengers! My seat mate decided to pass the time at 4am by talking loudly on her phone..when I asked her to use her inside voice (I thought that was being nice), she started definitely NOT using any thing that could resemble an inside voice. Lesson learned.

Kensington Gardens – I love how natural they are!

 The MegaBus. Cheap and not so cheerful – but I met a friendly Bosnian guy who kindly gave me a spare SIM UK card with data credit.  
Anyway, pulled up outside Rhonda’s house in Kensington Knightsbridge and the contrast was quite extreme to say the least. 

The street has a few Maseratis and a Ferrari outside too, and lots of black shiny cars with drivers waiting for their people. It’s like that! 

I’ve been jogging across in Kensington Gardens every morning, and Rhonda has been making us fresh juices every day too. Feeling most healthful.


My days have been very quiet – just full time at the Kensington library. Snow is forecasted, and I don’t have time to shop, so I did a bit of research and during a brief study break I invested in a beautiful tailored 100% wool navy coat from Hobbs (a fav of a certain Duchess…), and some weatherproof full length boots (also the same as said Duchess – just from High St opposite thd library!). Those will be my only purchases though – the pound to Aus is quite painful, but the investment had to be made.



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