Our 3.5 hour drive turned into an 8 hour journey through Lochs and mountains between Glasgow and Malieg where we had decided to stay the night at a great Airbnb place, for its proximity to the Glenfiddin Viaduct – aka Harry Potter bridge. 

Oblivious to the weather warnings, we listened to our own favorites, took a few wrong turns and cruised along, stopping for a nice lunch of fish and chips at Loch Lomond.

I think I’ve put on 5kgs in 5 days. Anyway. All delicious food!!!

The scenery waa stunning, despite the howling wind and rain, and we eventually got to Malieg 8 hours later. 

After a slightly scary adventure of knocking on the door of a huge spooky house in the dark and then squealing and running away…we found our place with Esther which I highly recommend.

I then randomly had to do a self test for a toothpaste commercial audition! Bizarre – thank goodness for modern day technology and Vimeo!

Then we heard non stop about the warnings for the storm – and that we could not pass to the Isle of Skye. Seriously, all this guy needed was a staff and a flowing beard! “You may not pass!”

Made it to the Glenfiddin viaduct.

Very cold and windy.

Then stopped for a delicious Indian curry:

And saw some highland cows and some “yahs” which is what Cat calls posh people who wear tweed and have a country pile, and hunt.

Hunting “yahs” above.

Love from josephine x

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