I’m in Scotland. It’s grey and raining, and I’m with a fabulous girl Cat, who I met through another fabulous girl – Clare, at Clare’s wedding in Busselton nearly 4 years ago. We bonded over our love for our beautiful friend, Kate Middleton’s fashion, and our general outlook on life!

The song that keeps playing on the radio (which I can understand for the first time in months), is Adele: Hello.

We’ve explored Edinburgh and heard God Save the Queen, marching bands, a canon fired for Remembrance Sunday, and had a ghost tour of the Edinburgh dungeons!

We had hot toddies, ducked in an out of vintage shops to escape the rain, and I purchased some Harris Tweed gloves which have kept me very warm – and also an Arran hat.

We shopped on Victoria Street where it meets and becomes Bow Street, and walked through Haymarket, Grassmarket and Cowgate in the fresh light rain. We rode double decker buses in the rain and rubbed off the window fog with our gloves. 

With love, from Edinburgh















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