The trip from Salerno to Amalfi and Positano by boat is such a pleasure. Most people stay in Amalfi or Positano – and for good reason! It is stunning! Salerno is a working town, but so easily services these resort towns by boat and by bus. I’m enjoying being based in Salerno as it suits my student and long term travel budget better 😉
 Here I am in Positano yesterday, studying a bit.

…which included Prosecco…I have to support the Italian hospitality and wine industries! 
After class during the week I popped over to Amalfi, the first “well known” town on Costiera Amalfitera from Salerno. Just over half an hour by boat.
I was SO happy. This is the day I mastered a sentence in Italian: Voglio andare in Amalfi quando lezione finisce!!!
The boat ride home was blissful too.

This is the dock where you take the boat to Amalfi, Positano etc. behind me is Salerno and my school to the left. 

  I highly recommend studying here ! Salerno is largely unheard of in so far as tourism, so is very locally priced. A beer is €1, an apperitif of Prosecco with a spread of snacks €2, icecream €1, coffee 0.80, bottle of wine €7. To compare, an icecream in Amalfi = €5; glass of Prosecco €7. 
I rented a beach umbrella and sun bed for the day in Positano €10 – quite a novel experience for me, but worth it for having somewhere to camp all day and relax and swim. I just studied, then swam, then slept in the mild and warm but not too hot sun, then studied a bit more, then swam again. It was utterly blissful!  

 Timer cam to capture first swim – I’m walking funny because of the rocks. Ouch.  
Then the boat ride home at sunset was another treat. Here’s the timetable. I highly recommend for a longer stay, basing yourself in Salerno and taking trips to the surrounding towns.
 Yesterday, with my classmates, we rented a small Fiat 500 and drove to Paestum, a mozzarella farm and some isolated tiny costal towns!
….I’ll put those photos in a separate post.
Thank you for reading…hope you are well!! Sorry for all the selfies 🙈
With love, from josephine x

Allora – a cat on the way to the train station in the morning. Maybe I’ll do a candid animal post next. 😂 

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