I’m renting a room in the Amalfi across from the university, and my housemates are called Maurizio and Fabiana. We ate some of Maurizio’s mama’s home made tomato sauce, which they made just this summer. You can practically taste the sun in the tomatoes. 

My first conversation upon arrival in Salerno – the main city of Amalfi was a taxi driver telling me my ride was €50, but I was unhappy with that so go out of the taxi to which he said “deficente”, so I said: “tu deficente!” Basically we called each other idiots. 

I have been warned non stop about this kind of thing in the south, so I felt prepared. Thank fully Catherine taught me these useful words too. Also I learned: Skifo – basically this means disgusting.

Maurizio met me at the door in the downpour, not dissimilar to a tropical thunderstorm in Guatemala or the Philippines. Like that. 

Because this is a small Italian city, things are closed early and closed on Sundays so luckily Maurizio is sharing his pasta and sauce.

Two other villagers we encountered this morning.

I bought sons bread, eggs, buffalo mozzarella, yoghurt, mixed salad for €8. It’s much cheaper here in the south, but apparently a cat comes into the house and steals bread, so I had to hide my purchases…

With love, from Josephine

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