My last night with the girls in Introzzo was watching Luca slowly eat his dinner with the usual amount of negotiations regarding each mouthful. Then, once he went to bed, Giulia left me in charge of rolling out a pizza base. 

She had made cotognata earlier which we laughed about as being such a mission deserving a drink.

We also had had a fun day going to see their rescued Pony Stella:

The boat ride was stunning:

Our dinner conversation led to stories of our grandmother and family in Australia – and dancing! 

Next we knew, we were dancing in the kitchen to the Rolling Stones and then Eritrean pop music, Jessica Mauboy, African tribal rhythm and Capoiera! 

After Catherine dropped me off at the train to Salerno, and the train sped away at 250km per hour (!!), I thought about my journey so far. Every stop has included dancing with fantastic people 🙂

The castle: dancing in the courtyard to the Albanian penguin dance, and to Indian spiritual music at 6am in the meditation room with Ingrid, Manny, Jay and Mika.

Berlin: dancing on a hot, hot night in our underwear in the living room taking turns under the hose on the terrace in Neükolin, and at Klunkercranich on Sunday to electronic music.

Prague: dancing with Fina, Adela and Veronika and Laura after Fina’s graduation party.

Munich: dancing in the caberet bar with Rhonda, Eugen and their friend after too many Moscow Mules.

Introzzo: dancing in the kitchen to Bohemian Rhapsody and Rolling Stones! 

Now I’m on the way to the Amalfi Coast…I hope my housemate Fabiana is up for some dancing too!
Love Josephine X

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