What makes you happy? That kind of elated, glowing, happy high feeling???

Coming home after a break away? The dog excited to see you again? Being greeted in your local coffee shop as a regular? The accordion player in the square? 

I got home from Amsterdam yesterday, and it was like coming home! I have a home here in Italy with my cousins. They make their home mine too. I’m so happy and feel so loved and can’t stop smiling.

The barista greeted me just now – Ciao! And brought me my usual coffee. I can hear the accordion player from the coffee shop, and know my way around Lecco and smile at the tourists frantically taking photos, and feel so lucky that I don’t have that feeling anymore. I live here, so I don’t need to capture it.
  Here’s a photo of the square just now anyway.
I’m waiting for the shops to open after Siesta. I’m buying flat ankle boots for Autumn/Winter.

Today Giulia made Cotongyata again.

We carried them up to her sister’s place again and put them in the sun.  It’s like fruit leather, basically. 

My coffee has arrived, so I had better go. I can now understand basic Italian !! Next week I’m off to Amalfi coast for 3 weeks to take a language course.

Love, Josephine x

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