I experienced this first hand today!

I had to photocopy my law degree and UWA transcript for the Uni of Turin admission. Sounds easy? 

Here is what is involved:

1. Get copies made – which required photocopies at the Commune di Lecco with a €16 revenue stamp per page. These stamps must be purchased from the Tabacco shop opposite the train station with cash. 


2. Take copies once stamped on both sides with expensive stamps to translator with 2 more €16 revenue stamps so she can stick those on the two documents she creates which translate the degree and transcript.  


3. Translator then takes the documents and her translation to the Prosecutor at Lecco Court who then stamps the documents with a stamp which is in French called an Apostille stamp which was created in 1961 at The Hague to lessen the amount of work required to verify true copies of originals… 


4. I get the documents and translation with the stamps etc and take it all back to Perth and have two appointments at the Italian Embassy to: 


(A) Legalise my documents  


(B) adopt the translation as an appropriate one


(C) have my degree and transcript Declared of Value (DoV)


5. Then I take my copied, stamped, translated, stamped, apostilled, legalized, DoV documents back to Turin and HOPEFULLY it is enough, but will then probably have to go back to step 2 or something. 

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