My cousin is a very famous Baroque cellist. So she has students who are keen to spend time with her from all over the world. 

Today she said one student from Serbia was coming to stay with us in Introzzo, and could I pick her up from the station at Bellano?

I’d driven twice by then. But sure! Why not drive for the third time, in the dark, around blind corners?

After getting lost only once, I found my way to Bellano station and ran to the platform to meet Diena. I saw her in the train scrambling to get her cello and we met each other as she stepped off the train, and shoved the cello into the back seat of the 3 door Fiat.

Poor girl had been travelling since Sunday from Salzburg, to Florence then Brescia, then some other place to see a Stradivarius exhibition of instruments, then another place for another private exhibition. Musicians travel so much, and her stories are hilarious.

We found our way to the road up to Introzzo from Dervio, and she was alarmed at my style of driving which I like to call defensive…but she said was somewhere between the left and the right side. 

Tooting the horn as you come to the blind corners of the cliffs is the way it is done in Italy…but my poor passenger was a bit scared of that too.

Our trip was finished off with a close encounter with a beautiful huge stag deer!! It leapt in front of the car and I slammed on the brakes of Panda. He stopped, we stopped and it was a stand off!! He looked at us and we..:screamed. He was easily bigger than the tiny green Fiat. 

He strode off the road and we composed ourselves and confirmed with each other that the deer was bigger than the car, and that we were glad to be alive. 

Viva Italia!

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