I slept in today. I felt guilty, but I enjoyed it immensely. Catherine and Luca went about their morning routine before Bambini school, and I slept on, and on and on until 11 !!

I stumbled out of bed and considered sleeping again, but saw that it was a stunningly sunny day. Most of the snow has melted too! 

So I threw on the washing, and got the dog and the Fiat, and drove to the beach to go for a walk while the whites washed.
A few bends: you just toot the horn before the blind corner to avoid collision. It seems to work.   
With getting lost once, having a random, kind Italian girl drive for me to get out of a tight spot, and then forgetting the hand brake (don’t do that…), I finally got to a free car park by the lake and left Panda there with 3 cats and a church, and walked to the D Lounge (mostly because I was thankful to no longer have to drive Panda in what I suspect is 3rd with a burning clutch).
  Made it to D Lounge!
After my lunch of Mista Insalata i scurried back to the car because I started having neurotic thoughts about having left the kettle on and the house burning down. I don’t know how fast the Introzzo fire department response is.

 The drive home.
I made it back in time to hang out the waahing, and make tea for Catherine before she and Luca arrived back from Lecco. 

Then we went Chestnut collecting:

  And I found out that I was accepted to the Masters course I applied for!

   So now I must go to the embassy in Milan to Apostille my degrees and documents etc. The Apostille Convention 1961, or the Apostille Treaty is an international treaty drafted by the Hague Conference on Private International Law.  It’s basically in place to abolish the requirement of legalisation for foreign public documents. But between you and me, if this is supposed to make it easier, what was it like before 5 October 1961? I have a long list of tasks related to legalisation of documents before the university is satisfied!
Tomorrow we will stack the wood shed, and turn the Cotongyata.

With love, from Josephine

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