Have you heard Pippi Longstockings in Italian? I have!! 

ecco sono qui pippi calzelunghe cosi mi chiamo, credo proprio che una come me non c e stata mai..Ogni volta che devo far qualcosa combino guai ma alla fine poi vedo che son tutti amici miei… 

Pippi pippi pippi che nome fa un po ridere ma vuoi ridere di quello che faro! 

Tutto il giorno sto con una scimmietta e un cavallo bianco con un topo che tutto il mio formaggio si vuol mangiar mangiare…forse non lo sai ma io qualche volta divento magica 

quello che tu vuoi chiedilo a me che forse te lo daro

Pippi pippi pippi !!


Luca collecting chestnuts outside his school. I picked him up today.  It is a cute Steiner school tradition to run to the parents. So he ran to me and into my arms. It was best sweet! We then had icecream, found chestnuts and then watched Pippi. 
This is me about to drive the other car up the mountain from Bellano to Introzzo. The cars in Europe are reversed to Aus, but surprisingly the gear changes were fine!! I was more concerned with the blind corners but with the horn I was fine.

I had a haircut finally – it was a bit of a risk agreeing to things being said to me in Italian, going on my interpretation of their gestures…but the result was ok!  

When I was having a coffee, a random Hungarian guy asked if he could sit with me. He had just purchased this finch for his friend and the book Frankenstein, to practice his English.  

This is me by the lake outside the bank. I was initially frustrated at not being able to withdraw easily, but looked out of the door and saw the sparkling lake, and thought I could be doing worse…

Lecco town. The closest town to their house.  

Luca and Gatina. As you can see, the cat is ecstatic.

Zzzzzz. Now time for dinner and then early bed!

With love, from Josephine 

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