“Come to Piazza Scarpatti”, said Catherine in her email to me. I limped out of the train station to a taxi and no one had heard of Piazza Scarpatti. But – Piazza Sacratti yes! I hopped out there, hoping for the best, looking for their car.  
A very kind lady in the coffee shop called Catherine for me, and i gratefully took a seat at a table and Catherine and Giulia appeared, laughing at me in my state of injury with my puffy jacket from Prague. 
They gave me a quick run down of what had led them to stay the night on Ferrara, prior to the concert in Udine, near the border of Slovenia. The singer had unexpectedly broken up with her boyfriend, the lead violinist. 

He was from Ferrara, but no longer playing in the group, but they stayed in Ferrara anyway. Apparently the singer is quite famous and yesterday had a stalker come and find her and then go into a state which required an ambulance! Never a dull moment with musicians!
Then we were enroute to Udine – pronounced “oodin”, not the Aussie way. 
I had bought a hot chicken in Padova, so we made sandwiches in the car with a spork Catherine found in the glove box. 
I’ve heard so much about Catherine’s musician life, but this was the first time experiencing it in the flesh. It felt like I was a part of the circus! We followed the singer Sofia through the city, and up the steep street to the castle where the concert would be held. The double bass player arrived at the same time:

What unfolded was the most disorganized concert host preparation, and some vigilant security who kept a close eye on me for the entire time, as if I was at risk of stealing some paintings. Quite offensive!
There was a Cellist and a Viola player (Catherine and Giulia), 3 violinists, and a harpsichord player and a double bass player. They played Vivaldi’s four seasons which I’ve never seen in person – wow! They also played a lot of early music which required gut strings.
Then the audience stampeded in and it was time for everyone to change. We quickly had a break to eat some fruit on the balcony and the girls had some words about the organization and the group politics. The violinist arrived with a cake – Torte! Great!

It’s wonderful being in the magic of a performance. The group changed out of their sneakers and jeans, into their black dresses and sparkly tops to put on a show, and after a long day of driving, hectic rehearsing, and many other distractions, they smiled and showed their true professionalism. I was blown away.

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