“Aunty Jo Porte due” – I grabbed two plates of half dried quince paste and followed Giulia up the path to her mother’s house to put the paste on the table on her terrazza in the sun. 

 The house above this house belongs to Roberto. My foot is still sore so Giulia left me there to rest, and a lady walked in and introduced herself as Tamsin – we got talking and lo and behold she was a Bowen Therapist! So within seconds of meeting her she was on the floor, poking my foot expertly and making me squirm.
Her story is interesting. At 34 she split up with her husband, and quit her job. She studied Italian and French at Oxford University, and lived south of Milan. She met Roberto in the choir.

I then had a fun time on the terrace with Luca playing pirate games and learning Italian words. Learning Italian off children is the best way – loads of repetition!!
Then, a few beers on the beach at D Lounge, and a quick swim in my underwear!! No one seemed to care – Europe’s view on exposure is different to Australia!! Quite a fun experience, and lovely to feel the sun on my skin again.


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