It’s been 41 days on the road, and I’ve finally figured out I have too many packing cubes and stuff sacks!

I have determined that I only need the following:

1. One small Kathmandu cube for “dry” toiletries ie: glasses, tablets, vitamins, false eyelashes 😝

2. One small makeup bag – say no more

3. One medium cube for toiletries in general

4. One medium cube for underwear and socks.

The compression bag is great for minimizing jackets and jumpers when in hotter climes.

Then, to be honest, it’s just more efficient to roll items and pack with the pack upright and play Tetris with your things – that way no air pockets of emptiness are left.

Then, a separate bag for footwear. I’m yet to discover the perfect pair of shoes for all occasions as a female.

My shoes are:

1. Converse

2. Nikes for longer days on cobblestones

3. Wedge heel sandals – wish I hadn’t brought them 😦 used once

4. H&M boots – great for cobblestones and elastic sided for easy putting on! Very basic though…

5. Flip flops for showers in hostels

6. Black closed high heels – I just got them in Bolzano because I’ve regretted not taking a pair. They are what I wear at home, so I recommend sticking with what you know!! 

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