Today was a more healthy day: after breakfast it was only 3 icecreams, 3 aperol spritz, and one speck and mushroom aperitivo.

I headed to Vicenza because it was the only place I could find in northern Italy with a hostel vacancy around 20€ p n #glam. I have achieved my latest dream – I have the bottom bunk!!
My train journey was highlighted by some 400 school kids who boisterously burst through my cabin all at once making me feel even more cranky, and some loud African men blowing me kisses and sitting nearby. I was exercising self control in not giving them a serve. 

My foot is sore – I’m paying the price for no hiking boots. I’m cranky and over it. I need a mini break !
I took the bus to my hostel Ostelico Teatro Olmpico, and the rotund man at the desk said “Josephine?”. I asked for Wifi and he shook his head. 

People in Europe stare. Much more than in Asia or Australia. They stare – look you up and down. No graces or pretences with expression! My morning going up the cable car was full of staring. I was perfectly comfortable in my loose t shirt (boyfriends are overrated) and loose skater skirt with converse – quite conservative outfit I think!! But the transport was full of couples in matching hiking clothes. In fact, the whole north of italy is full of wealthier couples in matching outfits. So cute.


I had a poor woman in my cable car to upper Bolzano who suffered terribly from a fear of heights – which we all giggled over in a very supportive way. Poor thing. Here she is: 


 Then the train to the mountains was a trolley car, over 100 years old: wooden with a curved roof and a verandah at each end.


I limped around the plaza opposite my hostel looking for some dinner but found a cafe for apperitivo indtead. The waiter is bringing me some rhubarb spritz and my mood is improving…

With love, from Josephine 


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