I stood at the ticket machine in Munich and typed in various options. Bolzano seems the most sensible – on the way to Catherine, Giulia and Luca; while being in Italy and with plenty of outdoor activities to revitalize after a hectic month! 
Blank space:


  I think I am addicted to that moment when you step out of the train/plane/bus into a new place. Everything is bustling around you – you are insignificant, anonymous and no one has any expectations of you. The options are open, and each moment unfolds as you make each tiny decision: left or right? 

Funny menu on train in restaurant car:
   Restaurant car:

After popping out of the train station, I walked around Bolzano hoping to have a hostel materialize, but had to ask directions at the icecream shop. Another excuse for an Eis. 


  Fumbled with which language to use: Danke err, Grazie! Luckily both German and Italian are spoken here.

My bunk was the last available. Again, I have the top bunk. It is my ambition to one day have the bottom bunk!! 
My room is shared with three girls from Cologne who are exhausted from 10 days of hiking and all have the same haircut and underwear. 

On my quick jog around the town:

Stephanie’s boyfriend Antonio is from Bolzano, so I’ve been given the tip to catch the train to Klausen, and then the bus to St. Magdalena. The italian trains are robust and green, but approach with a funny high pitched squeaky wail!


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