I was advised. by Steph and Antonio, locals to catch the train to Klausen, then the bus to St Magdalena and walk from there.

After hurtling through some tunnels, wondering whether I should have followed this advice for my one day here, I popped out at Klausen to absolute deafening silence. Thankfully I pronounced “Bus” adequately and was directed in italian to the bus stop.  
Definitely feeling inadequately dressed in my tights and t and denim jacket. The place is full on older folk in intense hiking boots and shell jackets in bright colours.

 Here’s my get up:

 Felt a bit cold, but did fine without the boots and sticks, really!
Met some friends along the way:


The path came out into a beautiful valley that was even stunning in the overcast conditions:

And the houses all had geraniums potted along the balconies:

I realised those older people with colourful jackets and packs of food were onto something, because I was getting cold, cranky and hungry – and lost!! No map.

So I walked into a place that had a sign of a knife and fork on it, and took a punt that it meant it served food. Alas, it was closed, but the kind woman in there said I had a nice face, and gave me some soup, then pointed me to the bus. 

Here’s a video of some other trekkers.

I say beside a woman painting her nails while waiting for the bus. I tried to imagine what it would be like to be here in the ski season with the hills and the buses with ski holding devices on the back. 

I think I need to come back here when it is snow season!

With love, from Josephine

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