Life is understood backwards, but must be lived forwards 
I saw this quote on the wall of a bathroom in a cool Früstück restaurant in Munich called Backspeilhaus. 

So that will be the way this post will unfold. Backwards. Sideways, whatever I can manage!

Rhonda and I met in 2008 on a remote and exclusive island in Fiji called Namotu. Many turns of events led each of us to end up on this island, and out of the 14 people that were on the trip, she is the only one I stay in touch with.
Since then, we’ve met up in NYC, Hawaii, Paris, Milan and now Munich.
Having had a brief whirlwind in Munich a month ago, I was open to anything this time – having done some obligatory sight seeing.

We kicked off the wild weekend with some Czech Becherovka shots in our room at the Königshof hotel before being collected by lovely Eugen, Rhonda’s friend from the optical world. 

Our first restaurant of many was the Hutong Club. A new and trendy restaurant of Asian fusion. Here’s some of our choices. Delicious! After many drinks, the night progressed happily:

  Then we headed to a bar for Moscow Mules with Eugen’s friend Murat who was a bit of a big deal in the nightlife world of Munich apparently. Our night progressed with more drinks, Svetlana – Eugen’s partner joined us, and then we finished off the night in a cabaret bar.

Rhonda and I talked and laughed until we went to sleep, and it was then already time to wake up, eat breakfast in the hotel restaurant and head to Neuschwanstein with Eugen. Via the standing wave in the English Garden!! Note – I look like death after a big night…


 Eugen driving us.. 

Neuschwanstein is the number one tourist attraction of Munich. I am so grateful I did not go on a tourist bus. Eugen drove us and it was a fun roadtrip and a bit of an adventure. 





 We had a roadside Bavarian lunch, and then a quiet dinner at the Anna hotel next door before having an early night.

Our final day was again with lovely Eugen collecting us, after a pleasant morning at the spa and sauna with Rhonda relaxing and talking.
Eugen took us to Backspielhouse which he said was good because no tourists had found out about it yet. We befriended the waiter Fabien and planned to meet him at the pizza bar later on with more friends.

Rhonda and I woke up in a hurry to a phone call from Rhonda’s friends saying they had arrived in the lobby so we piled downstairs for an early Asian Fusion lunch at the Anna again, followed by a stroll around the Viktuelianmarkt.

Here is an über cool hipster: riding a bike with a board…

To surf the standing wave!!  

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