As Fina ducks and weaves us through the back streets of old town square, avoiding the masses of slow moving tourists wielding tablets and selfie sticks, following a person holding up a folded umbrella above their head…I am ever more grateful that I am with a born and bred Prague girl. 

Fina’s knowledge of the history of the city blows me away. She rattles off years of construction of each bridge, statue, square, building…the stories behind each landmark and sight. It is really incredible.
She also knows what I must see, and how to see it with the least amount of fuss:
Charles Bridge at night

Small side

Old Town Square at night with a Trdlk 

Small Eiffel Tower

 The italian restaurant on the river 

Klememtinun and the library inside



Views of prague  

The apostilies clock on the hour with my favorite golden monkey ringing the bell. It’s really comical actually.

The castle

Wenceslas square and shopping:

The changing of the guards at 3

All of this – while she was caring for her friend’s sick dog, and preparing to defend her thesis. Amazing girl.

Thank you Fina!! It was wonderful to meet you, finally!

With love, from Josephine x

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